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The Metallic Effect collection is a must-have in this upcoming season. It gives a metallic look to every manicure if you are into a brave and noticeable design then our new collection of 9 Metallic colours is for you! Each of those 9 Metallic colours will emphasize your every creation, ensuring that all eyes are on you. A simple way for a spectacular effect.

Our new Semilac Metallic Effect should always be applied on top of cured Top No Wipe, the Metallic Effect itself is NOT to be cured under the lamp as it dries out with the contact with the air after 2 minutes. Remember to shake the bottle before the application!

Colour: Pink


Metallic collection from Semilac – brave and daring!

The Metallic collection is composed of nine different colours. Give yourself very unique manicure thanks to the vibrant and daring shades of pink, silver, blue, green, yellow, orange and red, all with that characteristic metallic shine!

Keep in mind that nail polish from this collection is intended for hybrid stylisations, but the colours are not to be cured under an UV lamp! Apply your base the same way you always do, then put on a layer of your chosen Mettalic colour and let it completely dry. After that you can apply more layers for more intense colour. Finally, apply the top and cure under an UV lamp.

Semilac’s nail polish – always the right choice.

Semilac is known for high quality and relatively low price of their products and it is no different with their Metallic series. Give yourself a fresh, trendy and unique look for long weeks thanks to Semilac’s nail polishes.

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